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About Marzany

Mazany Inc. based out of Reno Nevada in the United States. The company also has local representatives in Asia and Canada. Marzany executes their unique Done For YOU Marketing Services for companies worldwide.


You don’t earn all our money in one day… so why would you pay for your advertising in one day? Doug Morneau

You may be wondering why on earth would we do this? Well, several good reasons.

As business owners, we are all inundated with consultant, advertising / marketing agencies, and sales reps. They are all selling various forms of advertising with promises of success. Sometimes the approach is successful, and sometimes it’s not. In either case YOU pay.

The problem with this traditional approach is, it requires you and I to pony up the cash up front based on promises and expectations of a good return on our investment. We all know how this usually ends.

Our Unique done for you marketing services allows you, the business owner to invest in ongoing marketing services from new sales that are generated from our efforts. Simply put, your new revenue pays for the marketing and customer acquisition (sales).

You may be wondering why on earth would we do this? Well, several good reasons.

Our team, and partners have decades of sales and marketing experience, spend hundreds of hours a month online, travel to the farthest corners of the world to learn best practices, new techniques, tools, and technologies from the very brightest in their field.

With our proprietary done for you marketing services, we create a detailed plan for your business, execute against that plan, monitor, and make changes in real time

This way, we have lots of skin in the game. We fund the initial marketing and only get paid when new sales are generated.

You and I both make more money with this approach. With the amount of work that it takes to successfully generate new sales, we could never bill by the hour. With this approach, the more new sales we generate for You, the more new sales we get paid for.

Not all companies qualify for this service. We tend to be pretty selective on the clients that we will accept.

Find out today if your company qualifies for our unique done for you marketing services.