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How to Leverage “Done for You Marketing Services”

If you are like most Business Owners, Partners, or Senior Management, you are the expert in your business. The challenge is the scarcity of time and money, the pace of business, offshoring, and technology. One way to leverage your expertise and drive news sales is with Marzany’s Done for You Marketing Services.

Let me introduce you to our expertise in Lead Generation and Sales Generation. Below you you will find a quick overview of a few of the online marketing methods we select from and implement depending on the best sales generation tools. Not a day goes by when we aren’t testing new tools, techniques and methods to generate leads and improve sales.

Done for you simply put means, we do all the work and assume all the risk vs recommending what you or your team should do. We take work off your desk, and generate new sales at the same time.

Social Media Marketing

We’ll take of your social media marketing for you. This includes new account set up, attracting followers, creating and curating content and having conversations with your prospects and customers. Includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest & more…

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the work required to get your website to rank on the first page of the search engines when potential customers type in your keywords. Let us take a deep look into the opportunities to improve what you have already built.

Online Ad Management

We’ll create & manage, test and run online ad campaigns on Google Adwords, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Retargeting and more… This space is changing so fast, I quite frankly can’t see how any small business owner has even the slightest chance of being current with what’s working with online advertising these days.


Our team will manage the copy and content for lead generation, sales, and marketing. This could include rewriting your existing web copy, reworking your social media profiles, sales letters, creating landing pages, and testing sales copy.

Marketing Funnel Design and Implementation

Think of a sales funnel as a huge bucket full of people, some who will be customers today, and some who don’t qualify. Some are ready to buy today, some next week, and some in several months. The funnel will help do the sorting and have people self identify when they are ready to buy. It helps those ready to buy today, complete the transaction and buy today. For those not ready yet, let’s not toss them away. We will help keep them warm and stay with them until they are ready to buy to ensure they buy from you!

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization is the process of making all the elements of your sales and marketing, including your website and landing pages convert better by testing and tweaking. This includes many aspects including sales copy, landing pages, shopping cart abandoment, and any potential customer interaction point.

Online Video Production

Online video is a must have in online marketing today. It helps your brand to communicate with your target market, win their trust and sell to them. These can be traditional videos, explainers videos, or whiteboard videos.

WordPress Website Design

We build custom WordPress websites that are easy to use, look great and are responsive on all devices no matter whether someone is viewing your site on a mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop…

Content Creation Services

Good content marketing attracts targeted prospects searching for your solution. The problem is that it’s time consuming. Our teams write blog posts, emails, videos scripts, web copy, webinar slides and more so that you save time…

Graphic & Logo Design

Branding and image speak volumes to potential customers checking you out. So, whether you need a Brand Makeover, need a logo, blog header, facebook banner, eBook graphic, or some other kind of image created. Our team of designers can work magic and make you look good.


Position yourself and your company as a thought leader with our done for you Podcast solution. Have your Podcast on iTunes, take advantage of the SEO that comes with a good transcribed Podcast. Grow your authority as the expert in your field.

Email Marketing

This is a biggy for me personally. I’ll keep it short here, but trust me when I say the opportunities here are HUGE. Renting third party permission based emails list, designing and implementing email campaigns. Testing subject line, tracking deliverability / open rates / click through rates / conversion rates.

Joint Venture

Let us go find another business that has your customers on their list and have them recommend you. The easiest way to generate sales without paying for advertising up front. You only pay for results. Our team can handle the entire process for you

Landing Pages

Having a website is great, but building out specific targeted landing or squeeze pages to generate leads is better and a complement to your existing

SMS and Mobile Marketing

Are you collecting mobile numbers of prospect so you can follow up with a text message? If not, why not? Do you have a mobile site? Does your existing site render well on mobile devices? Does your landing page work on mobile? Time to get in the game. The tables have turned with more people viewing websites on mobile device than desktop computers.

CRM - Customer Relationship Management

Are your current customers in a responsive database? Do you know if they are getting your emails and marketing messages, are they taking action, when should your sales team call them? Implementing or using your CRM can help automate this process. Do you know when they are ready to buy? Let the technology do the heavy lifting.

Multivariate and Split Testing

What web copy and landing pages convert better? What combination of image and offers work best with which offers? Our team will test track and make the appropriate changes to improve lead flow, qualification, and sales.

Optimized Press Release

Writing a press release to share your story and have it drive people to your website or landing page. Ensure it’s optimized for SEO to improve the ranking of your website.

Transcription Services

If you have a podcast or video recording? We’ll transcribe it and leverage your existing audio or video collateral. Why you might ask – great written content for your blog or website. The stuff Google loves!



Done for You Marketing Services which will let you focus 100% on doing the core work you love while leaving the marketing and business growth implementation projects to US!