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Marketing strategy

Our approach is “Move The Sales Dial” Pretty simple, sell stuff, your stuff, lots of it!

We are first and foremost sales and marketing peeps.

We are NOT web guys, SEO gurus, coders/programmers, wordpress experts, sales funnel masters, or award winning graphic designers. We do have these discipline as part of our team, but we start with research, strategy, and planning all focused on SALES.

Many business owners are chasing the new shiny object and have not done the basics. Most have attended webinars, seminars, trade shows, have bought multiple subscriptions to sales and marketing tools like Lead Pages, Click Funnels, Infusionsoft, Mail Chimp, Icontact, Get Response, you fill in the blank ______________.

The problem is running your business, working with customers, staff, and suppliers have left all these marketing tools and techniques like a gym membership. They are paid for, but not being used. We have probably seen all the new shiny objects, tested most, use many, but we will always start with the basics.

What needs to be done? Generate leads, qualified leads. Real humans that have an interest in your business, product, or service. Identify people with money and the ability to make the decision to buy or recommend your business.

Capture their contact information so you can begin the dating process. Indoctrinate them to you and your brand, educate them, and lead them through the sales process.

Sell something, then sell them more stuff, encourage them to talk about you / your company /brand, and recommend your to their friends and other businesses.

Once this is working well and you are selling to new leads profitably, lets open the floodgates and fill your sales funnel every way we can.

Our Marketing Strategy is Generate Leads, Qualify those leads, Indoctrinate them with your brand, establish a relationship, and serve them buy selling your products and services.